Computer Lab

Computer Classes


 Here at DARC, we have a computer lab that has been designed for persons with disabilities. Our lab includes such amenities as: adjustable tables & monitors for easy access and usage. 

Assistive Technology


 Keyboards- embossed with large print lettering, numerals and symbols, Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, an Intel Reader designed for books & magazines to be read without assistance for those who have trouble reading standard print, and an UbiDuo communication device that enables persons who are deaf/hard of hearing to communicate instantly with anyone face-to-face without a third party.  We are committed to helping our consumers utilize the device that best suits their needs. 

Here to Help


 Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you on: how to access the internet, research a topic, and or give you a basic working knowledge of computers. 



 Our lab is open during regular business hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00AM-5:00PM and Friday 9:00AM-2:30PM. For those who prefer a more formal setting, DARC offers computer classes every 2ND & 4TH Thursday of each month with beginners at 10:00AM and advanced at 11:00AM.   For more information about our computer lab or classes contact: Disability Advocates and Resource Center at: (252)355-6215 or 702A Johns Hopkins Dr. Greenville, NC 27834.