Our Services


All Services are Free!!!

 DARC provides services, free of charge, that offers services that will help individuals live as independent as they choose.Information and Referral: Advises individuals and families on where to go and how to get needed services, resources and information at all levels…local, state and national resources. 

Peer Support: Provides individuals with the opportunity to talk to someone who is also disabled through the sharing of their personal experience to reach their own independent living goals. 

Independent Living Skills: Provides individuals with information and opportunities for learning  to develop the skills needed to achieve independence. Some examples include; how to be a better self-advocate, create a budget, take computer classes,  learn job searching skills, and how to use public transportation. 

Advocacy: Advocacy can be easily defined as an action that produces change. We provide advocacy at  both the individual and systems level. We can offer information on how to investigate concerns/claims when civil rights have been violated; and advocate for barrier removals. We help our consumers understand their rights under the American Disability ACT. (ADA) 

Consumer Transitions: DARC works with consumers who currently reside in nursing homes, assisted living homes or family care homes who have independent living goals to be able to transition to the community. DARC will help the consumer to identify needs and goals that need to be met for a successful transition.1) locate and complete applications for accessible, rental assisted housing2) make referrals to local resources that can provide home modifications if a consumer plans to return to the consumer's home3) coordinate services for in home aide services or provide training for managing personal care services4) coordinate services to provide adaptive equipment5) provide long term support and follow up with the consumer 

Medical Locker: We receive donated medical equipment from organizations, consumers, ect. We then donate this medical equipment back out to consumers who may not be able to afford these necessary needed items.